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Moscow pumping
the plant M.I. Kalinin


115184, Russia, Moscow,
3rd Ugreshsky passage, 6

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Joint-stock company "Vane Hydraulic Machines" (LGM) is a leading Russian manufacturer of pumping systems and equipment in marine and special construction.

History of "LGM" has begun in 1864. Previously, the company was named "Moscow pumping plant named after M. I. Kalinin". For more than 150 years of hard work we have accumulated a unique experience. The continuity of knowledge and production culture from generation to generation allows us to produce pumping equipment with a highest reliability and quickly develop new perspective products.

"Vane Hydraulic Machines" is a company of full production cycle. The plant has all necessary material resources for modern design, production, assembly and testing. A special reason for respect is our qualified professionals who create a pumping equipment of world level.

There is a really wide model range of our pumping systems and specialty pumps presented in the product catalog "LGM": NCV (НЦВ), NCVS (НЦВС), NCVp (НЦВп), BEN (БЭН), GEN (ГЭН), CN(ЦН), CNG(ЦНГ), SEA (СЭА), CPN (ЦПН) etc. Moreover, the company is able to produce exclusive products with unique technical characteristics which are necessary for a particular client, whether it is a Military Department or a big oil Corporation.

The advantages of cooperation with "LGM" are well known to a numerous customers and users of products produced under our brand. So by order from Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation pumps of special purpose "LGM" are equipped with military vessels of all types. Among them - aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov", as well as nuclear submarines of the fourth generation of projects 885 "Yaseni" and 955 "Borey".

Among the equipped objects of civil shipbuilding, such as tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, ports and offshore structures recently have differed projects for drilling platforms, for example, jack-up drilling rig "Arctic" belonging to Gazprom, etc.

Also we are experts in creation of the equipment for thermal and nuclear power. Rosatom Corporation has equipped its latest floating nuclear power plant, “Akademik Lomonosov”, with our pumps.

In the rocket and space industry on the territory of former Soviet Union, all spaceports are equipped with LGM pumps for fuel filling systems.

Cryogenic pumps produced by our joint-stock company step by step are promoted in perspective segment - LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), and also in other segments of chemical industry, e.g. circulation of liquid-metal heat carriers.

A wide list of domestic customers, however, would be incomplete without a company's foreign contracts. Our pumps are used in civil and military areas of such countries as Algeria, India, Vietnam and China. The joint-stock company plans to promote its products in international markets further.

LGM has licenses of FSB, Federal service for ecological, technological and nuclear supervision, approval of the Russian Sea and River registers of Navigation, the certificate of quality system according to GOST ISO 9001-2015 No. РК СМК.159-2018, and operates under the control of the Military acceptance 242 system.

The leadership and expert status of JSC "Vane Hydraulic Machines" is recognized and demanded at the top level. Our organization is a permanent member of the Council of Chief designers in the area of marine engineering and instrumentation of Industry and Trade Ministry, of Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Committee at the Union of Machine Engineers of Russia.

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