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Oil and gas industry

нефтяные насосы

Oil-pumping equipment

The pumps of "LGM", JSC regularly serve in fire extinguishing, cooling and drainage systems for drilling platforms for various projects in the field of oil production, .

Over the past 10 years we have been successfully implemented supply pumps for the following objects:

  1) Drilling platforms field complex "Korchaginskoe" on the Caspian shelf of LUKoil(Ice-resistant platform-1, Ice-resistant platform-2, Living quarter platform-1, Living quarter platform-2,Central heat supply station);

  2) Drilling platforms field complex "Filanovskoe" on the Caspian shelf of LUKoil(Ice-resistant platform, Living quarter platform);

  3) SEFDR "Arkticheskaya", Gazprom (Builder- Zvezdochka, JSC");

  4) Mobile Drilling Unit "Kolskaya" (Arctic offshore oil and gas exploration);

  5) Mobile Drilling Unit "Chilim" (Caspian, LUKoil);

  6) The platform Д-6 "Kravcevskoe", Baltic (LUKoil- Kaliningrad sea oil);

LGM, JSC is ready to offer for the under construction, modernized and projected land, coastal and offshore facilities of Russia and foreign countries:

  1) Delivery of any pumps for pumping seawater, including - sealed and with various special requirements, including the highest category of seismic resistance. Supply from 5 to 5000 cubs per hour , Force - to 200 m. There are include the pumps of fire systems, cooling, drainage (water supply) - incl. Docking;

  2) The circulation pumps of high-temperature organic coolant (thermal oil, ethylene glycol solution, etc.);

  3) The pumps for ballast, drainage and drainage systems, including bilge and drain water;

  4) Delivery of impulse aggregates used for hydraulic shock (hydraulic fracturing, etc.);

Pumps for oil industry.
Pump type Supply, (m3/hour) Force, (m) Power, (kVt)
НК 65/35-70-С 65 или 35 70 от 7,5 до 30
12ДН-7 А 750 100 285
12ДН-7 В 750 100 285
12НДcВ 900 55 165
ДПНС-220/100 220 100 100
ДПН-220/100 220 100 99

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