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Gas Industry

нефтяные насосы

Gas pumps

As part of the import substitution, LGM JSC became the lead executor of development work (R & D) to develop a standard range of pumping equipment for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) pumping systems.

The purpose of this development was to create a competitive energy-efficient domestic electric pump, designed to replace Japanese, American and French counterparts.

нефтяные насосы

Adeveloped dimension-type line has the following characteristics: consumption from 100 to 2000 m3/h, force up to 200 m, net positive suction head 1-1,5 m, motor power from 150 to 450 kVt.

These pumps are intended for usage on domestic gas carriers, tankers, onshore LNG storage facilities, and some modifications are capable to work in the LNG systems of plants and terminals.

Nowadays the enterprise offers complex solutions that according to the customer’s demands allow to develop and produce whole systems for pumping liquefied nature gas that also helps the customer to construct and choose necessary equipment.The developed equipment has no domestic analogues and it is intended to replace the products of imported production. The equipment is mainly intended for profile projects of such companies as "Gazprom", "Novatek" and "Rosneft".

The developed technology does not have domestic analogues and is intended to replace imported products of this type.

Before that, since the 1950s, the plant was the main supplier of cryogenic pumps for the needs of the rocket and space industry and special nuclear power engineering (liquid oxygen, nitrogen).

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