until 1991

Moscow pumping
the plant M.I. Kalinin


115184, Russia, Moscow,
3rd Ugreshsky passage, 6

+7-495-677-73-16 +7-495-677-72-74
+7-495-677-69-16 sk@aolgm.ru

«LGM», JSC for Kerchensky bridge

"LGM", JSC (until 1991 - Moscow pumping plant M.I. Kalinin) - The leader producer marine pumps - for the task of CCB "Korall" amd one of enterprises-bridgebuilders began to develop a special pumping equipment for ballast systems pontoons, which are part of the floating supports of the Kerchensky bridge under construction. The equipment with unique reliability and seismic resistance is created using the most modern design and supercomputer simulation technologies to achieve compliance with the most stringent customer requirements. The company employees are proud to contribute to the country for this landmark project.

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